Chrissy's Story Begins...

Her story began with a dream. It was 1998. We were a happy adoptive family with two beautiful children. Our son, Andrew, was 10 years old and our daughter, Katie, was 6 years old. My husband, Kevin, and I were settled into a nice simple routine. We had our boy and our girl, through adoption, when they were healthy newborns. We had a nice home, Kevin had a good job, and we felt fulfilled.  Life was good.

Then, one night, I had a dream. It was very vivid. I heard a little girl's voice so clearly that it woke me from sleep. "Mommy!", she called. "Mommy!" I startled awake, sure that my Katie had called for me. I jumped up and hurried to her bedroom. To my surprise she was fast asleep with her usual  peaceful and angelic  expression on her face. Frowning, I turned and went to check  on my son, only to find him sound  asleep as well.

Thinking it had been a figment of my imagination, I made my way back to bed. I was puzzled, absolutely sure I had heard my child call out for me. As I drifted back into slumber, again I heard an imploring "Mommy!" and it was then I realized this was not Katie's voice.It was a little girl, but the tone and inflection was different from Katie's.  I was dreaming again, and in my dream I had the impression of a child, one I  could hear but not see clearly, a precious little girl calling for me, beckoning me to come for her.

The next morning I awoke and had the immediate impression that I should kneel and pray to my Heavenly Father about this perplexing dream. I followed my heart and knelt in prayer. I began to feel that my Father in Heaven was trying to tell me that our family was not complete. I felt an overwhelming sense of peace and calm and felt the confirmation that there was another child waiting patiently for me in Heaven. She was waiting until I was ready to adopt again!

I did not mention my dream or my prayers to my husband. I decided to ponder and pray a few more days. Besides, I told myself that Kevin would probably not be receptive to adopting again. Adopting a third time would be more complicated, as our adoption agency only allowed two adoptions of healthy newborns per couple. If we were to adopt through them again, it would have to be a special needs child.

Special needs can mean many things. It could be an older child, a sibling group, or a child with emotional or medical challenges. I was pretty certain I might have a hard time convincing Kevin this was something we were supposed to do!

Several days later, Kevin was upstairs in our bedroom while I was reading downstairs. I heard Kevin say "What Katie?" and then a few minutes later he came halfway down the stairs, leaned over the rail, and asked me, "Is Katie home?"  I told him no as it was a school day. He looked very confused and then said, "That's strange. I could have sworn I heard her calling me." I asked him what she had said and he told me she had said "Daddy".

It was time for me to tell him about my dream a few nights before, and about my prayers the next day. He was very open to the idea and told me he would also pray about whether we were supposed to adopt again. I did not know where or how, but I felt strongly that another child was coming into our family.

After much prayer and discussion, we sat down with Andrew and Katie, asking for their input and opinion on adopting another child.  We decided, as a family, to submit our application with LDS Family Services for another adoption. We really felt that we would probably end up with a sibling group or an older child. The kids were excited about the proposition and seemed to be happy with our decision.

The paperwork was easy to complete, as we had done this twice before. We were able to get everything done quickly, and then, as often happens in adoption, the wait began.......

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