Chapter One

Waiting is a relative thing. When your mind is on other things, time seems to go by quickly. But when you are concentrating on that thing which you are waiting for, time slips by in elongated, tortuous seconds.  It's funny how that works!

When our waiting began it was agonizing. Then, as time went by, with no word of a new adoption, the waiting became tolerable, and eventually just a part of our lives. We had a few phone calls here and there from our adoption agency. They were always calls asking if we would take an older child, or a sibling group. We said yes every time, but it never worked out.  For one reason or another the children were placed with other families.

As one year became two, we started to think maybe we were wrong and there was not another little one for our family? Discouraged, in November 2000 we decided to plan a long family vacation to give Andrew and Katie a special Christmas! We put our minds and efforts into the trip, hoping to make it a once in a lifetime vacation. We planned to spend two full weeks in Florida. We wanted to go to Disney World of course, but also Universal Studios, and some of the lesser known attractions Florida has to offer. We got tickets to Gatorland, a local alligator sanctuary and park, that has been around many many years. We also wanted to visit an airplane museum we had heard about.  We were able to get some great deals on hotel and tickets, and in mid-December we took off in our minivan for our vacation.

It was a great, fun and relaxing trip for the whole family. We made a lot of memories, enjoyed the Christmas spirit at the theme parks, and spent quality time together. We came home refreshed and rested on December 26, 2000.  Heavenly Father knew what He was doing, when he allowed us that trip and the rest that went with it. We did not know it, but our child was not only coming soon - she had just been born!!

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