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We are the Mason Family. We are an adoptive family in Texas. Married for 26 years, Kevin and Angela have adopted seven beautiful children! From Andrew, now age 23, down to Sophie, age 1, all are a joy and a pleasure to parent!

  This website is dedicated to our middle daughter, Christina (Chrissy) and our youngest daughter, Sophia Faith (Sophie). They are truly miracle children. 

Not expected to live past her first birthday,Chrissy has surpassed all medical expectations, and at 11 years old, continues to thrive and live and love!  She is a precious little girl, with a smile that will melt your heart and a sweet, content spirit who enjoys her life and her family very much! We are so blessed to have her in our family!

Sophie was born in December 2011. Also given a poor prognosis along with her diagnosis of hydranencephaly, and in NICU for three months after her birth, she is now home and healthy and enjoying her family as well!

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Journal Post (continued)

My Chrissy is a beautiful child of God. She has not just value, but an eternal spirit that is pure and good and noble. She is a sweet, happy little girl that asks no more from life than to be loved. She is courageous and brave as she deals with medical procedures and illness. She loves life, and deserves to live it just as much as a healthy individual! Her place on this earth is as valuable as any other persons. And thank the Lord, her place in Heaven is assured! The people that degraded and made fun of her do not have that assurance (though they probably do not believe in God either)!! In fact, as a friend of mine said "They will not realize their mistake until they have flames licking at their toesies in the next life". That made me smile. Because she is so right!
For my friends and their children who were also attacked, and for all mother's of our special children, my love and support goes with you daily. I pray for us all as we do the best we can do every day, all for the love of our children! Our rewards will be in Heaven one day, when our sweet sweet babies come to us, and tell us how much they love us, and how much they appreciated our love and faith and perseverance in caring for them!
Chrissy I love you darling! I speak of your worth with the pure sure knowledge that you are also loved by your Father in Heaven and the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a precious valiant jewel in my life, in your family's life and in the eyes of GOD!
I am thankful every day for you. I am thankful I am a mother. I am thankful I have a heart and soul (unlike some individuals who walk this earth). And I am thankful for compassion and unconditional love.
Chrissy, you are my little love and my HERO! I LOVE YOU!!!
Your Mommy (Angela)