And Then There Were Two!











           Sophia Faith Mason


On December 29, 2011, our family was once again blessed with a miracle child!!  Sophia Faith was born at Saint Luke's Hospital in Houston. She had been diagnosed in-utero to a birth mom who had made an adoption plan for her baby. When the baby was diagnosed with hydranencephaly, the search was on for a family who would take this sweet angel, despite her prognosis!

By God's grace and good networking, our family became aware of the baby's impending birth! After prayer and fasting Kevin and I felt certain this little one would be our final adoption and the baby of our family!!

Sophia has been a hero from the beginning of her life. Under the advice and direction of her OB/GYN birth mom elected to have a normal vaginal birth. But little Sophie's head was over 50 cm and she could not fit through the birth canal. The doctor thought she was not "viable" for a live birth and that her chances of surviving were slim, so he performed a procedure called a "cephalocentesis". In layman's terms, they basically took a 60 cc syringe with a needle and inserted it into the birth canal, pierced the baby's fontanel and sucked excess fluid out! This is a very dangerous procedure for the baby, and it makes me so sad that the doctor had such small regard for this baby's life that he chose to do this procedure, not once, but three times!   All the while, telling dear birth mom that the baby probably would not survive. Imagine her pain and anguish as she is in labor, trying to do the right thing and have this precious baby, and to be told such dire news at the same time! My heart just breaks whenever I think of it!

Despite the odds against her, sweet baby Faith (mom had named her Faith) was born not only alive, but well!  Her apgar scores were 8 and 9, and she went to the newborn nursery doing very well. 

On December 30, 2011 we brought sweet Sophia Faith home to our house! I had some very excited siblings waiting to greet her! 


We were so excited to have another hydranencephaly angel join our family! Chrissy was happy to have a new sibling too!  We were looking forward to this new exciting adventure together!  Things were not to be as smooth as we would have hoped, but our hearts were committed to this darling little girl and we were ready for whatever the future would hold! 

Stay tuned as we add more to Sophie's story! It is a roller coaster ride and one that will take a while to tell!